Friday, December 29, 2006

Adieu Christmas 2006 and An Antique Corner

Two more days, and we will be saying goodbye to Christmas and the year 2006. The gifts underneath the christmas tree have long been gone (actually since after the Christmas eve). And the Christmas Tree which once reigned with splendor with all its glittering lights will once more go back to obscurity.

This is my Auntie's antique corner. It is beautiful isn't it? There is a growing appreciation of handcarved wooden furnitures that looks like those our lolas used to have. Actually we have our own set of wooden sofa, a dining table, and 2 rocking chairs made purely of wood that were once owned by my grandmother. I used to hate them when I was a child because I find them hard to sit on. However now that I am older, I do appreciate them more for their worth (they are my lola's furnitures), than their looks (because they are more functional than beautiful). But what make them more endearing is, they were made long before I was born, yet they have remained sturdy and still useful to us. Thank you Lola, for your gift!


Marichu said...

hi there! very beautiful pic ha! sana everyday christmas ganda tignan nang christmas tree with many burloloys heheh
Happy New Year!

Must BeThat Girl said...

Hi Marichu,

Thanks for visiting my site. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!