Thursday, March 06, 2008

Missed Blogging!

Barely about a month and a half after my mother's hospitalization, I tried to open my blogs and tried to write. But although my spirit was willing, alas my body was weak. There were instances where I would find my forehead banging on the monitor, because I have fallen asleep due to sheer exhaustion. Exhaustion and worry also became too stressful, that sometimes my mind would go blank.

These days however, after about 3 months, our routines have begun to stabilized. And little by little I was able to discover some little extra time to get back on the blogging tracks once more. Isn't it great? Alleluyah !!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Journey Back: Retracing One's Steps

The second stroke was a bit more devastating than the first. In fact it made our family realized that the first attack was a walk in the park. Life changed for us. And it is difficult to retrace back our lives before the second stroke. The journey back is no longer possible...

While we were given the miracle of life for Nanay (for which we are truly thankful), we came to terms that it will be a different life this time. Even though we prepared ourselves to brace for days that means a lot of caring and loving and understanding, we were not ready for feeling twice the pains that Nanay has to suffer. And for once in our lives, we tried to be as selfless as possible for it is the only way for all of us to survive and find some happiness in our present situation...

And we are thankful that as the days passed, we are brought more closer than ever. Only the routines have changed. And even if life's twists are truly twisted, thank God for some miracles!