Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunburst Fried Chicken Ayala Center Cebu

An hour after attending mass, we were at Sunburst Fried Chicken in Ayala Center Cebu. When I was way much younger, Sunburst was already a favorite among Cebuanos. Along with other restaurants like Snow Sheen, Manila Restaurant, Manila Times, and Majestic. If there were some I haven't mentioned, I'm sorry - it's either I truly forgot or never knew them at all. My parents were not really big fans of eating out.

Sunburst location  is really nice. On the second level, and walking distance from Starbucks. Near also to the taxi bay area...

I thought, wow! are these people the usual number of customers flocking Sunburst? Turned out, there was a birthday party, and they were guests.

Entrance of Sunburst


Another view of the interior

I am just sorry we have no pictures because, I couldn't wait anymore. Just gotta eat. I can observe that Sunburst still has a lot of customers. Sometimes, people even wait to be seated. Their fried chicken are still a smashing hit, and they are not expensive. Sometimes service is a bit slow when there are a lot of people. But people didn't mind it. However I just wish they would improve on their facilities. A little refurbishing on their furniture, some new lighting, and maybe some fresh new paint will make the place more exciting! 

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