Monday, August 03, 2015

Achimisul - A Taste of Korean in Mandaue

With all the hyped-up interest in Korean telenovelas, music, and entertainers - plus the fact that there are now a lot of Koreans in Cebu, it is just natural that a few Korean entrepreneurs would put up some business here. 

It was a nice surprise when a Korean restaurant opened in Insular Square in North Road Mandaue beside Siknoy a Chinese restaurant. The ambiance is simple, modern, but nice.  Aside from the Korean food which we curiously tried, there seems to be a hint of Japanese with the presence of Ramen and Bento boxes.  Our palate is still getting used to the newly acquired taste. So our level of enjoyment is still in the infancy stage.

Most people still prefer to go to Jonie's or Siknoy's. But I wish Achimisul will not give up but instead will try to give a good fight and eventually survive...

Entrance to Achimisul


The Nice Korean Owner

Interior of the Restaurant

Nice Table and Chairs

Spicy Ramen

My Chicken Bento

My teacup, Chopsticks, and the reliable Spoon

My Korean Dish

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