Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cleaning the Christmas Clutter...and the Virtual Tsunami

I have taken down the Christmas lanterns from my site now that Christmas season is officially over. At home, the task was more backbreaking (okay its exaggerated, but partly true). I don't know why when the decorations were set-up, I haven't noticed that it was a tiresome task. In fact, it was even enjoyable. But the cleaning-up after is another matter. It took twice as long to get the decorations and the lights back to their boxes than to put them up the tree. I can not understand why I seem to put items in the wrong boxes. Its frustrating actually. Okay, maybe in truth I am just lazy. hehehe... But my mother has this knack of not only matching items to their boxes, but she can even return them properly as if they have never been taken off from their individual boxes. Yeah, thats right. Much as I admire her for that, no please, I am happy being myself.

The year 2006 was good for me, but the opening salvo of 2007 was not quite welcoming. An earthquake in Taiwan brought havoc to internet connections, and our connections went dead. As of writing, although there have been sporadic connections and seeming normalcy, connecting to sites is still much slower than the usual normal speed. I have called Globelines probably a million times to air my frustrations, and switched back and forth from being glumly despondent to being a raving lunatic. I realized, Ahaa! these reactions clearly pointed out that my addiction for internet surfing and blogging is probably deeper than I thought. Got me into thinking that maybe it is time to re-evaluate my fondness for the wide world web. It is not my intention to go overboard. Therefore I decided to include in my new year's resolutions (there are none actually) to go easy on surfing and blogging. Thats all that I can say for now.


Sidney said...

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2007!
Your Christmas tree was awesome so I am not surprised it took some time to put back everything in the right boxes!

Yes, I too are getting mad at the slow internet speed. I am an internet junky and I feel bad for the moment. Very bad! ;-)

Must BeThat Girl said...

Hi Sidney,

Thanks for the greetings! Actually I am thrilled because I am a fan of your website, I find it very interesting. I was not able to acknowledge you soon enough because I am still having internet connection problems. But thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

weeeeeee... tga cebu pud ko.laag nya skong blog hap?

Must BeThat Girl said...

Dear Super Rain, sorry I just got your greetings when I tried to surf my site. Its been awhile since I opened it. Dont worry I visited your sites and thy're groovy.