Monday, October 11, 2010

Mas Dako Mas Nindot - Mandaue Metro

Mas Dako Mas Nindot (Much Bigger Much Better)!

Things are indeed getting exciting here in the North Road area of Mandaue. The Management of the Metro Supermarkets chain decided to spruce up their Mandaue Branch, pushing it to the same level with SM Supermarket or Metro Ayala.

Metro Mandaue used to look like an old warehouse disguising as a supermarket. It was dark and cramped. But now, it is well-lighted and indeed much more spacious. I thought it can accommodate the shoppers better this time. Surprisingly, it seems the number of shoppers also increased as the store gets bigger. Nevertheless, we are still thankful and appreciative of the major changes - and we look forward to more exciting things in store for us.

I think this is a good move on the part of the Metro Management because there is a very big market in the Consolacion and Liloan areas with all the subdivisions and villages sprouting around like mushroom.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Nanay loved to putter around plants. I used to complain that we have too many plants to take care of. But she wouldn't listen. And the plants flourished under her loving care. When she suffered a stroke and could no longer take care of her plants, it was not surprising that her plants withered away and died.

Now I missed her puttering around her little garden. I would have given anything to see her move around again and do her favorite activities. I wouldn't care if we would be swamped with plants, as long as it makes her happy I would be happy too...

So after some consideration, I decided to try and re-plant somethings. I wanted her to see flowers when we let her out in the porch for a little sunshine. It was not easy, the plants did not cooperate at first. But thankfully, the rains did.

And one day, when I looked outside - I can see the flowers blooming... and the leaves were greening... it was not much, but for me it was the prettiest sight to behold.

I saw a rebirth.

In many ways my blog suffered the same fate. For sometime, it withered... and died a little. But there is always the chance of re-birth. At this point, it might need a lot of effort - but I will try my best to give it life once again...