Saturday, April 26, 2008

We All Love To Pose!

It seems most of us Filipinos love to pose (for the camera)! Why? Beats me. The feeling transcend beyond regional differences (whether Tagalog, Bisaya, or taga-Mindanao), age groups, and gender.

Example - this group of cute golden girls went malling and from the looks in their faces, they enjoy having their pictures taken...

Even the kids frolicking in the streets took some time out from their play, just to pose for the camera!

Young college students are probably the greatest fans of the camera... wouldn't want to miss any photo session!

Even cute sexy working girls are not spared from the camera bug!

Look at the guys...they come prepared with their smiles too!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Streets of Cebu

Some of you who have left Cebu for more than 10 years now will be a little surprised at how the little provincial city has transformed itself into a miniature Manila in the making. Maybe that is a bit exaggerated but if you pass by these thoroughfares from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. you will be caught in horrendous traffic! Something quite unheard of about 10 to 20 years ago...

Natalio Bacalso Avenue - we were coming from Mambaling going to the junction between Jones and N Bacalso Ave. That new big building at the end part of the street is where the old ABS-CBN office used to stand. Very familiar for those who have studied in USC, UC, SWU and CNU... and who are probably working outside the Philippines now.

Mabolo - This is a road traversing from Cebu Business Park going to Mandaue City. It used to be the address of the affluent before (judging from the beautiful old houses , which are now transformed into restaurants).

This is still part of Mabolo going to Panagdait. Tall grasses used to grow in this area before. They are gone now and replaced with tall buildings. This is basically a new street since it was developed in conjunction with the development of Cebu Business Park.

Panagdait - See that building behind the Jollibee sign? Belongs to Sykes, and I think that it is one of the major catalysts for the construction boom in this area. Just a few years back there was only an open cafe and a karting zone operating here, but now McDonalds and Jollibbe are very visible. There is also a new "inuman" hangout here for the yuppies.

Subangdaku Flyover - used to be the subject of controversy. People at first thought it was just a useless white elephant project of Congresswoman Nerissa Soon. But maybe the sentiment is about to change. We have just left the Panagdait area and entering the city of Mandaue...

Mandaue Flyover - we are now in Mandaue proper. We are now traversing towards the North Road (or the highway going to the north provinces of Cebu).

Thanks for coming with us on our ride home...Glad to tour you around... Maybe next time we shall see other parts of Cebu.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Abstracts Of Sio (Part II)

A look at Cebu's art scene...

Mga Taghoy Sa Hangin

Sugilanon Ni Paeng
Mga Pasi-aw Ni Dodong
Mga Kagahapon Ni Francisco
Landong Ug Kainit

Artist: Sio Montera
Series: April 2008

"As in all of Sio Montera’s abstractions, his collections are highly artistic configurations of paint masses, expressive force of texture, and color modulations characterized by a careful balance between spontaneous gesture and continual control. The artist now has left the idea to preconceive particular meanings and has regarded the process of painting as an intense,unpremeditated search for the images of his creative experiences..."

The artist is a favorite of mine because not only is he a cousin by some degrees, I am a big fan of his works...

Ode To Ayala Center's (Cebu) Lagoon...

This used to be my favorite part in Ayala Center in Cebu, maybe because of the garden and its lagoon. From here one can walk leisurely under the trees across towards Marriott Hotel. However, all that is going to change now. Construction for building expansion is being currently undertaken and the area is under wraps. So it is possible there will be changes and I may not be seeing it again...

One thing I do like about the design of Ayala Center is that it makes use of natural lighting. In the morning, sunlight passes through the clear glass roofs and illuminates the building, thus conserving the use of electricity. Something which I find very practical and economical especially since we enjoy sunshine most times of the year. That round building over there is the activity center.

A number of times, the mall held entertainment shows in the lagoon area in which local and international artists were being invited. And on Christmas and New Year's eves, there are fireworks displays ...

Whatever changes will be implemented, we trust Ayala management will still keep the improvements environmentally friendly yet pleasing to human senses...

Photo Credits: Google

Monday, April 07, 2008

Mall Rat! (SM City Cebu NorthWing)

Another way to escape the summer heat is to burrow oneself inside a mall. SM City Cebu's North Wing offers a refreshing new "tambayan", maybe because it is basically new and admittedly more elegant than the older wing. However I am not sure if I can afford those boutiques. Maybe I would still sneak out to buy to the other wing which offers perennial sales and discounts. All in all I am quite glad SM has decided to upgrade their store.

Summer 2008... Bohol!

It is the time of the year once more... the skies are clear and blue...and the weather is hoooot! Yeheey, everybody knows it is our favorite time of the year - Summer!!!

And what is the favorite activity for us island people during this time? Island hopping! And trooping to the beautiful beaches...

Took a fast inter-island craft to the nearby island of Bohol...

there it looms ahead of us...

The water is clear... and the sands are so fine and so soft, that they felt like rubber under our feet... To lie there was pure bliss! Aaahhhh!

My brother took this very beautiful picture of the sunrise. He said the scene was quite awesome that it took his breath away...

Photo Credits: Edwin Pepino