Saturday, April 22, 2006

Trying To Enter Into The Scene!

Hey, I am new here! In fact I am groping blindly (as in literally) around the site. I am not sure what I am going to write on my blog and how to go about it. But it does not matter anyhow because I am excited, and learning can be a lot of fun. This lady here is trying to enter into the blog scene!

Could not think well, because it is very HOT! It is summer here in Cebu, and the temperature is soaring high (even during the nights). I am kept drowsy by the sweltering heat and my mind is always filled with thoughts of icy and sweet fruit shakes. Thus began my search for the perfect fruit shake. I began by hunting around for those famous mangoes, only to find that the really good ones were already exported. Half of the good ones which are left behind are made either into packaged juices or else as dried fruits. I was left holding in my hands puny little objects which looks anything but, mangoes.

My next target were the sweet, juicy and red watermelons. Unfortunately my search only led me to pale and pink ones instead (though still juicy), but which tasted more like cucumber than watermelons. I confronted my suki vendor for giving me the undesirable items. But he passed the buck and blamed it on the gasoline price increases. I could not fathom the relationship, so I probe him further. In a serious tone he said, "it is a fact of life, that when the price of gasoline goes up - the fruits, the vegetables, including the fish and even the pork also suffer with the human lot!"

Oh well..! who am I to object to his belief. I rest my case...


Anonymous said...

I guess its hot weather because of summer in Cebu, but here in Norway the snow is soon gone away. Well, your city is nice to visit in December, and I was in Cebu back in 2005/2004/2003. Low prices and nice people in Cebu.

Looking forward to visit Cebu in December 2006 also.

Must BeThat Girl said...

Thank you for the nice comment about Cebu. Hope you will have a good time this coming December vacation.