Friday, December 22, 2006

Trying Hard

I went through a sleepless night. Doing...? Blogging! Joined sometime in April. Tried to stay away from it. Went into hiatus (in the pretext of doing something more important). Eventually came back to it (as in full circle). Why? I do not know! Sa Bisaya pa – Na-u-ngo! In English – na-Addict. (the literal translation of this Bisayan term really refers to being a witch. But it could also mean being addicted to something). Bisaya ray maka-sabut! (only a Bisaya can get it. But for the benefit of the global community, translations are provided).

Here is my story…

I went from being someone indifferent to being totally over-zealous in my blog. Armed with total ignorance of website designing and everything that there is to it, I have tried to read instructions from the internet maybe a thousand times in the hope of being able to fully digest them. But still I could not comprehend a lot of things. I thought the writing part would be a breeze, but I could not stop myself from re-writing things a million times over, because I was afraid my write-ups were incomprehensible. From all my readings about Blog designs, the only words I could remember are “tweak” and “widgets” because they sound cute. But honestly I am still piecing the two together. But am I giving up? Nope! I guess I will still be around for years (?). Hopefully.

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