Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Buyot!

"Buyot" is the Bisaya or Cebuano word for the Pinoy "bayong". Those are the bags you can find hanging at the right portion of this photo. The one in the middle is made of native materials while the colored ones are made of plastic.

As concern for the use of plastic bags increases, people are on the lookout for alternative replacements. Some are turning towards bags made of cloth.

But me, I would prefer to use the buyot anytime! I remember way back when I was a little girl, my mother (and according to her my lola too), used the native version when they make compra sa tiangge or mercado (wet market). When the supermarkets went in vogue, women stopped using the buyot and native baskets maybe because the supermarkets prefer to use plastic grocery bags to pack their purchases. However, I believe there are still a few who remained loyal and use these bags when buying in wet markets until now.

Between the native and the plastic buyot, I would rather choose the plastic one because it is sturdier and washable. It also lasts much longer, which translates in big savings since we do not need to buy replacements regularly.

So before those killer plastics will overrule our world, it is high time to think green and Go Buyot once more!