Friday, October 10, 2014

Kuya J (SM City Cebu)

We arrived in Cebu from Bohol past 1:00 PM already. We were already hungry but we did not relish the idea of cooking and eating at home. Too much waiting time, we just want to eat immediately. We decided to slip in SM City Cebu, which is the nearest mall from Pier 4 where SuperCat docked. We had to walk from the pier to the main roads and waited because inconsiderate taxi drivers would not take us upon knowing we will just be going to SM City. When we arrived in SM City Cebu, we went inside the first restaurant we can find, and it was Kuya J which is just beside one of their entrance doors. 

Surprisingly they have a big area compared to its neighbor restaurants, and commands a beautiful view.  In fact, I think it can actually hold family or small and medium corporate functions.

Side across Radisson Blu

View of the SM City Cebu's Entrance Door from Kuya J

Their Menu

All time favorite Mongo

Tokwa't Baboy

Beautiful view of Radisson Hotel from our table

However, we are sorry to say that we already have our favorite mongo and tokwa't baboy somewhere else. Although the meal and service were good, our palate will always try to look for that particular favorite taste. One can't judge a restaurant because of only one or two dishes. We will try to come back and taste the other dishes, and draw the conclusion then.

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