Sunday, September 14, 2014

Maya Mexican Restaurant

We went to Crossroads Banilad when its popularity as the IN Place for dining in Cebu has waned.  Why did I say that? Because the feeling is not as vibrant as Banilad Town Center or Ayala Terraces. Perhaps because their lighting is a bit dark? Maybe I am just wrong.

Maya Mexican Restaurant was one of our first forays in our foodie adventures. I have always been curious about Crossroads, and I had this longing for some Mexican foodie, and so off we went - my sister and I to Maya Mexican Restaurant in Crossroads.

The first 2 photos here below are borrowed photos.  In our excitement we were not able to get some photos of the facade and its beautifully carved door, but the rest of the photos are our own. 

We settled in the loft. See the photo above, the stairs on the right leads to the loft. The wall beside the stairs are decorated with different skull masks.  Perhaps referring to their famous El Dia de los Muertos? 

We were early (half past 7:00 PM) and there were not much people yet, although it was the weekend.  People started coming in past 8:00 PM. In my opinion, the place is not for family dinners with small kids or babies in tow. Although I saw some parents bringing along their teenage kids. It is soft lighted, meant for romantic dinner perhaps, or for entertaining guests or visitors.

As I have said, at that time I had a craving for some real if not almost real Mexican tacos. When I used to work in Makati, I fell in love with the tacos of Mexicali (I hope it is still there, I dream of going back there one of these days...). I was hoping the tacos here would be more or less the same. But theirs have a different twist. Their tacos have soft shells and they were small finger sized. But it tasted more Mexican than the other tacos I tasted in the supermarkets. Of course, much more expensive. Haha...

While I can say I enjoyed my tacos and chicken, I could not say much about my sister. I guess she was still familiarizing with the Mexican food.  I hope she was not disappointed because first experiences always have an impact.

Maya is a bit pricey, and I was not really very much impressed with our food. But why not? I would probably be back and try the other dishes...