Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Trees 2013

I was able to get around the city on a limited basis because traffic made it difficult for anyone to enjoy going around.  One lives in constant fear of not being able to find a taxi going home.

Ayala Cebu's Christmas Tree 2013

SM City Cebu's Christmas Tree 2013

Radisson Blu's Christmas Tree 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Mao Ayala Center Cebu

I've always wanted to blog about the foodie trips we made, but  somehow I will always forget the camera.  Then one Sunday,  we were able to bring the cam by chance.  So let's go and taste Big Mao's offering...

The Wall of Big Mao... hmmm interesting decor
It was warm and sunny, and the pitcher of juice was so tempting... but funny because it was the fork and spoon that got the center of the camera's attention
Couldn't wait for the Pancit Molo to cool down... Gotta eat it piping hot...
Fried Rice is a favorite even at home... I add Chinese Chorizo to mine because it has a distinct aroma.  And perhaps some bits and pieces of ham.
This is their Dimsum sampler...