Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge

Sometime midyear of 2014, Yvette - a former office-mate who now currently works and resides in the United States, came home. An impromptu reunion for ex-Union Bankers (Corporate Banking Group - Visayas) took place. It was bittersweet seeing familiar faces, people I worked with for quite a time. We were almost complete except for those who are now residing or working abroad. Even our big boss was there.

The reunion took place during Dinner at Blue Elephant at the 19th floor of Apple One Building in Ayala Center Cebu. I heard reservations have to be made, because I guess the place is not very big. But I like the place.  It was cozy and tasteful. And most specially, since they are located at the 19th floor, one gets a beautiful night scene...

Nice table setting

Uniquely designed chandeliers

Orders were made while others were chatting
The food was Thai.  And I have to say they were really good! 

The Curry was delicious!

The noodles were equally good...

After dinner we moved outside where we can have drinks. But there were more conversations than drinks. Everybody wants to catch up and fill those missing years of being apart. I was busy laughing at one of my office-mates' stories. And I realized we could never really catch up with our friends' lives if we have gone our separate ways already... But the bonds of friendship that bound us, could never make us forget the people who at some point touched our lives...
That's the restaurant on the upper floor

We were a level below under the open skies..
Views from Blue Elephant...

That's Ayala Terraces on the right, a mere shadow

Beautiful city lights...

Good food, enjoyable company, cool breeze and a beautiful night... Almost perfect! Sadly the night has to end... Thank you everyone, for a wonderful evening!

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