Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Harbour City Dimsum House

No matter how many new restaurants mushroomed all over Cebu City, dimsum-house Harbour City is still considered one of the favorites. Reasons: First, it is inexpensive! Second, because one does not need to line up to order like other popular fast foods, or wait to be served (like traditional restaurants). One just need to find a table (a tricky part during lunch or dinner time because the restaurant is usually full), and wait for the food trolley to come! 

Facade of Harbour City in Ayala Center Cebu

View of the interior of the restaurant

Man in red Chinese costume drives the Siomai trolley

Sweet and Sour Pork, Spring Rolls, and Dumplings...


Ginger sauce, chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce...

Steamed Pot Rice

What I don't like about the Harbour City today is the interior design of their restaurant and the lighting. They used to have seats with intricate Chinese design which looked to me like some Chinese Wedding Bed. Interesting. But alas! the new management took everything away and changed the chairs to boring benches. The look inside the restaurant is sooo boring, if not for the food, I don't think people will give it a second look! If Management really wanted to modernize the look of their restaurant, they should have invested on new lighting design, nice paint colors, and interesting furniture pieces. But perhaps that is how they wanted to be perceived by the customers, some place inexpensive!

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