Sunday, October 12, 2014

Maple Ayala Center Cebu

Kit urged me to try Maple. She has been hinting at it for some time now but I was not so keen about it because I heard it was a bit pricey. But finally I gave in. I think she is attracted to its nice interiors that can be seen outside through their glass walls. It is located on the ground level overlooking the gardens, near the pathway leading to Cebu Marriott Hotel. 

Entrance to Maple

Giant Menu at the door

Nice lamps

View of the interior from our table

Kit with reading glasses trying to look cute and nerdy...

Cute glasses...

Pasta, hmmm I forgot the last name...

Maple Burger
Children's Nook...

So, what was the verdict? Customer Service is very good. No Filipino dishes, but pasta, burgers, and salads only, plus drinks. The meals are humongous for one person. But it's true, they are pricey. The Maple Burger was 450++ Php, my pasta was more than 300++ Php. But then so is Italianni's, La Tegola, The Suite Room.... to name a few. It falls within the range of similar restaurants in Ayala Center Cebu.

But what makes Maple a little different is that it they are kid friendly. They have a children's nook, a small place with nice toys and good books for babies and kids to play and read. They even accommodate a small table and chair for them. That's very thoughtful of Maple.

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