Monday, October 13, 2014

Banana Leaf Ayala Center Cebu

Banana Leaf is one of the favorites in The Terraces. You know when a place is favorite because a restaurant is normally populated (meaning full, no available seats, or lots of waiting to be seated) by families, by people with visitors (personal and business visitors), by office-mates celebrating, and even by tourists.

Unique and interesting door handle
View of the interiors from the outside

Interior of the Banana Leaf...

There is additional space at the loft

Kit, my sister and partner in foodie and travel trips

Beautiful Design - tables and chair are made of native twine
True to their name, instead of ceramic plate, you use a banana leaf as plate...

The food we ordered, can't order more, there's just two of us...

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Mee Goreng

Dessert similar to our Maja Blanca

First the food... the girl serving us said their food is Asian. I'd say, more of Thai. Thai or Asian, the chicken satay was good. I thought I would never enjoy a peanut sauce, but I did. The Mee Goreng would have been delicious but a bit salty for me. I enjoyed the dessert which seems like Maja Blanca? Or was it Maja Blanca actually just  pretending to be otherwise...

However, customer service is not good. Seems the girl serving us was tired or angry at something. Good thing, the place though not 5 star fine dining, has a nice ambiance and location (overlooking the gardens and activity center).

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