Saturday, November 01, 2014

Chikaan Pacific Mall.

If you haven't heard of or are un-familair with Pacific Mall but heard of Mandaue Metro (or Metro Mandaue), then you are in the right track. A few years back, Mandaue Metro underwent some renovations, and when it opened back, it became Pacific Mall. I don't even want to consider it as a mall, because it is just very small. It's just like Metro Mandaue becoming bigger and better, except for a few restaurants in the ground floor, and some gadget stores on the upper levels. One of the few restaurant which opened here was Chikaan. Amidst fast food joints, Chikaan was a welcomed respite. 

The length of Chikaan

View of the mall from our table through glass walls 

Sinangag or Fried Rice

Camaron Rebosado


Crispy Pata

Chicken Tinola

I was getting hungry writing this piece, because Chikaan is a hands-down favorite! The food is not gourmet fare, but all-time favorite home food classics. If you choose there is unlimited rice. Ambiance is simple yet cozy. Service is a bit slow sometimes, but the staff are friendly. 

When we buy groceries or do some small shopping, and we wanted a nice comfortable lunch, we always managed to find our way here...

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