Sunday, October 26, 2014

Robinson's Fuente

Kit had a scheduled meeting on Sunday afternoon in downtown Cebu, I thought it was an opportunity to visit places I haven't gone to for a very long time, so I went with her...

Saw a promo for unlimited salad (199 Php) and pasta (249 Php) at C2 Classic Cuisine in Summit Circle, thought it was a steal, and it became the first on our list.

C2 Classic Cuisine is located in Summit Circle Hotel, and Summit Circle Hotel is above Robinson's Fuente, and Robinson's Fuente is located smacked across Fuente Osmena.

Robinson's was one of the first Metro Manila big malls which located to Cebu, long before SM City and Ayala Center even thought of setting foot in Cebu. It is bounded by the busiest and most important streets in Cebu City (Osmena Boulevard, Mango Avenue, and Ramos Street). Schools, government offices, and schools are near, and taxis and jeepneys abound in the area. The only downside is that one has to be careful with street-children or pretending beggars, and not so good elements in the society who roamed around in the vicinity.

A Halloween activity for children

Inside Robinson's Fuente

A Sales Personnel in costume for the halloween

Taxis and jeepneys abound in the area
That is Fuente Osmena from the stairs of Robinson's

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