Sunday, October 26, 2014

C2 Classic Cuisine

From Robinson's Fuente we took this elevator to the 4th floor...

Fourth Floor and Lobby of Summit Circle Hotel Cebu

Entrance to C2 Classic Cuisine
Bar and Kitchen

Inside the Restaurant
Glass walls provide nice views of the city below... but I think the place needs some refurbishments and improvements. Some tables looked like they have seen better times...

From where we sat, we got a good view of Fuente Osmena and the road going to Capitol. We can even see Rajah Park Hotel, Mercury Drug, and other establishments around Fuente Osmena.

View of the road going to Cebu Doctors and Cebu Provincial Capitol

That's Fuente Osmena and office buildings behind

View of the road going to Mango Avenue
Looking at the array of choices, we were surprised they were very limited... It was supposed to be unlimited? 

Finally our food came... But where are the people? It seems we were the only ones eating here. And it was way past 12:00 PM already. Hmmm. we wondered why...

Spaghetti Bolognese

Seafood Marinara

Fettuccine Alberto 
I'm sorry I hate to be rude. But the Bolognese has an odd smell and is a bit salty for my taste. Perhaps the problem lies with me. The Seafood Marinara is better in comparison though. However, the Penne in Alberto seems uncooked. The Manager explained it was supposed to be cooked  Al Dente. If that is so, why was the Fettuccine in Pesto we ate before the Fettuccine Alberto okay? Even my spaghetti was okay. As proof I was able to document Kit's face when she tried to eat her Fettuccine Alberto..

Trying to gauge the Penne - cooked or not cooked?

She got disappointed...

But she quickly smiled because she saw I was taking pictures of her...

When I got the bill, I was flabbergasted! Because it was way more than I had anticipated, and to top it all, they charged a service fee. Made me go over my budget. I wished I had lunch somewhere else. I really felt our lunch was not worth what we were paid for it ... We had better meals for lesser the price. Maybe that is the reason why people are not fighting their way to get seats in this restaurant.

However not everything is probably bad, this place will give a good view of the city at night. And during Sinulog, the place is a perfect venue to watch the parade in comfort.

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