Thursday, April 24, 2008

Streets of Cebu

Some of you who have left Cebu for more than 10 years now will be a little surprised at how the little provincial city has transformed itself into a miniature Manila in the making. Maybe that is a bit exaggerated but if you pass by these thoroughfares from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. you will be caught in horrendous traffic! Something quite unheard of about 10 to 20 years ago...

Natalio Bacalso Avenue - we were coming from Mambaling going to the junction between Jones and N Bacalso Ave. That new big building at the end part of the street is where the old ABS-CBN office used to stand. Very familiar for those who have studied in USC, UC, SWU and CNU... and who are probably working outside the Philippines now.

Mabolo - This is a road traversing from Cebu Business Park going to Mandaue City. It used to be the address of the affluent before (judging from the beautiful old houses , which are now transformed into restaurants).

This is still part of Mabolo going to Panagdait. Tall grasses used to grow in this area before. They are gone now and replaced with tall buildings. This is basically a new street since it was developed in conjunction with the development of Cebu Business Park.

Panagdait - See that building behind the Jollibee sign? Belongs to Sykes, and I think that it is one of the major catalysts for the construction boom in this area. Just a few years back there was only an open cafe and a karting zone operating here, but now McDonalds and Jollibbe are very visible. There is also a new "inuman" hangout here for the yuppies.

Subangdaku Flyover - used to be the subject of controversy. People at first thought it was just a useless white elephant project of Congresswoman Nerissa Soon. But maybe the sentiment is about to change. We have just left the Panagdait area and entering the city of Mandaue...

Mandaue Flyover - we are now in Mandaue proper. We are now traversing towards the North Road (or the highway going to the north provinces of Cebu).

Thanks for coming with us on our ride home...Glad to tour you around... Maybe next time we shall see other parts of Cebu.

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