Monday, June 02, 2008

Puto Maya And Sikwate

Usually piping hot puto maya and sikwate are sold on early mornings. But my sister discovered somebody selling them at night-time when people are rushing home from work. This woman-seller positioned herself at the corner of a busy junction (between the highway and the baranggay road), and quite unbelievably managed to have them all sold out.

Because her puto and sikwate are yummy, they're quite a hit among her loyal customers. For those living abroad, here is wishing you were here to share this treat... (kuwang na lang mangga!)

For those not familiar what puto is - it is pilit (glutinous rice, which is either all white or tapul like the one above), cooked like rice in coconut milk, sugar, ginger, and a little salt. While sikwate is our local chocolate made from cacao.


tarajingpotpot said...

Hi asa ni dapit, lami man tan-awon, just hoping it's near my place :)

Must Be That Girl said...

Hah ha ha! Wish I could share it with you. Really yummy I tell you!