Sunday, December 17, 2006

Piniritong Buwad Nga Danggit!

This morning I had a hearty breakfast consisting of piniritong kan-on ( fried rice), piniritong buwad nga danggit and hotdog. Why the choice of hotdog together with the old time favorites, it’s my sister’ favorite breakfast treat. I would have wanted sikwate (Bisaya chocolate drink made from cacao) to go with all these, but I have long gone easy on sikwate, and besides the morning is not chilly. One of our suki nga tindera passed by and offered puto, unfortunately she was late because we had already prepared the danggit and the rice. We promised her that we’ll probably have puto next time if she can come earlier. And by that time, I would definitely prepare some sikwate to go with it, and some mangga of course.

Buwad danggit (dried fish) is a favorite not only among the Bisaya but it has also won the hearts of the Manilenos. To cook a perfect buwad nga danggit is not to over-cook it. Just heat some oil, drop the danggit and tossed it around for a few seconds, and voila! It would be perfectly crunchy. It is best with suka nga may siling kulikot.

Used to be sold only in tiangge (as in real market), but they have now invaded the air-conditioned supermarkets as well. However if anyone would like to buy in big volumes, it is advisable to buy in Tabo-an where one can still haggle for some hangyo (or discounts). There are some other dried fish actually, but some of them are too salty for my taste. This is the reason why buwad danggit has an edge over the others, because it is not too salty and not too overpowering. But unlike other buwad which can be used to complete other dishes like as part of utan bisaya or utang monggos, buwad danggit is best eaten alone on its own merit.


(I forgot to mention the most important thing. One is advised to eat kinamot for this dish to enjoy it fully. It means best eaten with bare hands. Just make sure that you will wash your hands thoroughly after eating...hahahaha!)


Marichu said...

miss ko na talaga filipino foods as in grabeh!! di ako marunong mag luto wahhh pero importante marunong akong lumamon heheh!

Must BeThat Girl said...

Hi Marichu,

I thought tuyong danggit could not stand a chance against the famed french cuisine.hehehe...but glad you missed some food from home. Thanks for dropping by my site.