Friday, December 08, 2006

Banana Cue!

It is unassuming, cheap, and we grew up on it! I remembered pooling money together with friends in school, in order to buy pan-init (it means hot bread), or banana cue for snacks. If we were lucky enough to stretch our money a little further, our snacks would be a feast consisting of a family-sized Coke or Pepsi, and a large-sized Chippy.

For those of you who have left home and who have settled somewhere in other continents, but who at some point in your lives came to love the banana cue, I would just like to let you know that it has remained the sweet, unassuming, cheap snack that is still sold in those simple carts (tables actually). If for some of you, the memory of the banana cue has somewhat dimmed, let me remind you that it is best eaten HOT (meaning fresh out of the fire) and skewered in a bamboo stick, with dripping melted brown sugar, lavishly coated all over it!

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Ed said...

Nice blog! We used to call this treat "Monkey Bread". Don't ask me why but it is delicious.
Grace and Peace,