Saturday, March 24, 2007

Squeeze That Butt In!

Take a peek into an ordinary life - a tricycle ride! A motorcycle that is supposed to carry only 2 or a maximum of three people can now accommodate 7 passengers excluding the driver. A contraption is attached to the bike that seats 4 people while 3 others are asked to sit behind the driver. Comfort is definitely out of the question, and nobody is complaining. Rather than walk a long way, people would rather suffer to squeeze their butt in to fit in the small claustrophobic space.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nice To Be Back!

I feel sluggish like someone who just woke up from a deep sleep. After a lengthy period of absence (thanks to the internet connection problems) and also due to some projects which piled up during those times, I am now finally back!

But because it feels like starting all over again (can you imagine 2 months of inactivity!), I am at a loss for words. But one thing for sure, it feels nice to be back! Yeheey!!!

There is a little peeping flower up there. Because there's already a hint of summer in the air (can not ignore the dusty roads and the heat...)