Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feria - Radisson Blu Hotel (Cebu)

Posting the Kuya J's pictures reminded me that, Hey! I actually got some photos of Radisson Blu somewhere. And so I tried digging into my treasure chest of photos and memories. And I found them.  

Radisson Blu was our (my sister and I) very first foodie adventure. During that time we were so shocked with the price and promised never to venture into hotel buffet anymore. But just the opposite happened... We got more and more curious and instead it launched our food adventures!

Radisson is walking distance from SM City Cebu. You can just literally cross the street from SM Cebu and that's it. it is also near Pier 4. Taxi are easily available because there is a short cut to the taxi bay area of SM from the hotel. But during peak hours like 6:00 PM on wards, and if there is also a Sale in SM, or if it is Christmas or Sinulog - it is very difficult to find a taxi. You could wait for hours and hours to get one.

View of the hotel's entrance from SM Cebu

Another view of the hotel from SM Cebu

Driveway of Radisson Blu Hotel

Another view of the driveway...

Fountain at the entrance of the hotel

Another escalator to the second floor (function rooms)

Spacious lobby

Feria - Radisson Blu's Restaurant

Official Photo of Feria

We were there only to dine but we did not check in. So we can not describe their rooms or accommodation services. I remember sampling the Italian and Chinese buffet. There are a lot of choices actually, and I find them good.

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Radisson Blu Cebu said...

Thank you very much for featuring us on your blog. Looking forward to your return to the hotel soon.