Friday, August 22, 2014

La Vie Parisienne - Cebu City

My sister and I have always been curious about the hype created for La Vie, so finally we decided to visit it. I think, it is over-rated.  But it is not bad.  For a place we go to enjoy some wine, it is not noisy nor smoky.  In fact it is nice. But it is not a place to dine, because there are few choices.  And except for the unique colored trees and the lavender lights, nothing is really extraordinary about the place. It is just Cool...

I have this allergy for something alcoholic, so a bottle of wine for us is out of the question...

I was truly fascinated by the chairs with changing colorful lights... There was a hammock shaped like a Hershey chocolate but some Korean guests were there so I thought it might not be good to take pictures of the hammock with them inside. They might not like me taking pictures of them.

I had poor shots, so I did not take a lot of pictures here.

Because there were only 2 of us, we chose that white table there... near the Pizza booth.  It was a bit far from the patisserie and the wine cellar. And far from most of the guests.

If you are a big group just wanting a place to chill, there is a place for you here. Big comfy sofa and a big table..  I noticed that most of the guests are young and they usually come in groups.

We ordered Hawaiian Pizza, but let's just say, there are better ones than the one we had.  See the burnt edge over there...  not good.

Verdict - just a cool fun place to hangout with friends and enjoy our fave wine... By the way, it is located in Gorordo Ave, Lahug Cebu City. About 5 to 10 minutes to JY Square.

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