Monday, June 30, 2008


VECO or Visayan Electric Company, used to have older men as tellers or cashiers as long as I can remember. But lately, I think they are trying to reinvent their image and even the look of their office. They have moved out of their D. Jakosalem office and settled some of their departments at the third floor of SM City Cebu. This is now how they look:

In fairness, paying time has vastly improved. Not much waiting time anymore with more cashiers ready to receive your payments. They now also have a call center and customer service staff to attend to your calls... I still think though the bills are still horrendously high!


oc hometheater said...

I remember using veco with my dad. Now seeing pictures , i cant believe this is the same veco . anyway good for them

cielo said...

wow ang ganda naman ng opis ng Veco compared sa mga offices ng mrealco dito sa manila