Thursday, June 04, 2015

Cafe Sarree (Rustan's Ayala Cebu)

I wondered where goes Yum-Yum Tree. Yum-Yum Tree used to be the restaurant of Rustan's Supermarket (even in their Makati Branch), and one of our (me and my former officemates from UBP) favorite dining places. Instead, Rustan's Cebu has Cafe Sarree now.

Anyway, my sister and I wanted to try out Cafe Sarree - and so one beautiful Sunday morning, we headed out to have lunch there.

It was not particulary big in area. Ambiance is cozy and casual. My sister ordered their honey-glazed pork chop, and I, as a salute to Yum-Yum Tree ordered Spaghetti (with meatballs).

I am not a big fan of pork chops but they were so tender, that it felt like they melt in my mouth.  And I kinda like it. My spaghetti is a bit on the sour side because according to the girl who waited on us, is more on the tomato-based Italian taste and not sweet like the Filipino recipe that we are so used to.

One thing I would like to commend is that, they are generous in their serving. Their pork chop were really chops since they came about in 3's and the thickness of each piece is just the right size for me. Their spaghetti came in a huge bowl, and could be shared by two. Which means they were worth their price. Maybe it will not be our last visit to the place ...

Apple-Lemon Ice Cooler

Nice Interiors...

Honey-Glazed Prok Chops

Spaghetti With Meatballs

Surprisingly, the serving was Huge...

Kit, famished and eager for her food...

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