Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Changing Lifestyle - New Buying Habits

Even with the emergence of the cosmopolitan supermarkets, I still tried to patronize the wet market near our home in the past, because I thought wet markets were fighting a lopsided battle with these huge companies... and deserved an equal opportunity.

But after being burned a number of times by a few cheating vendors, I decided that yeah, maybe it is time to just move on. You know, not all small vendors cheat, and not all of them are bad. But it is sad that a few among the many can mar the industry. 

There are many reasons why people nowadays prefer to shop or buy in the supermarkets. Most notable are: because supermarkets are clean, well lighted, and sometimes very spacious to move around. However some still prefer to visit wet markets once in a while because they say some things are still cheaper there and there are fresher fishes to choose from in the wet markets...

Scenes from Metro Mandaue Supermarket

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