Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Perpetual Succour and the GSIS Hospitalization Program

On the third day after our mother suffered a stroke, upon the approval of her doctor we moved her to Perpetual Succour Hospital because (my mother who is a retired school teacher) we wanted to avail of the GSIS Hospitalization Program initiated by Atty. Winston Garcia. Thus we were able to avail of considerable discounts in Room Rates, CT Scan and 2D Echo procedures, a little of laboratory exams, but most important of all, we were able to enjoy I think a whooping 30% discount in medicines bought from the hospital pharmacy. (Why don’t hospitals put an extra ER in their pharmacies so buyers who felt like gasping for breath or experiencing fainting spells upon seeing the medicine bills can easily be assisted?) Anyway, I just want to acknowledge that the GSIS program is a big help but I wish it should be the government’s thrust to launch similar programs nationwide and not just on selected sites.

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alan said...

That's some good news. Government really should focus hard on healthcare. Filipinos work years to have some decent savings, but if they get sick or a member of their family gets sick, the savings would be gone in an instant.