Thursday, September 03, 2015

Montebello Villa Hotel

Before international brand hotels came to Cebu, Montebello was one of the first nice hotels established in Cebu.  I think it first came into operation sometime in the early 1970's. Although probably considered old, still it has a certain charm that can still compete with the new kids on the block today. In fact many Cebuanos probably will go nostalgic remembering some important events of their lives being held here.

What I like about Montebello is that it does not feel like a hotel. It's more like feeling like a guest or visitor of a relative or friend who has this grand beautiful villa.  It has a spacious garden and a medium sized swimming pool. And although their restaurants are not quite grand or fancy, but from what little food I've tried, they were quite tasteful...


Front Desk

Some rooms on the ground floor

Our room on the second floor

Their bathroom is nice but small but still okay

Function Room

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