Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kublai Khan - Ayala Center Cebu

My late brother and I were huge fans of Kublai Khan.  But my sister has never tried it here.  So one day I sort of literally dragged her to Kublai Khan.  Kublai Khan is located on the 3rd Level of Ayala Terraces. Its ambiance is cool and hip, informal in other words. Their whole dining area is a bit small, so they have seating extensions at the terrace overlooking the gardens of Ayala Terraces.  If you are on a budget but really famished, you are in the perfect place.  The price is really "Budget-Friendly". There is "Eat-All-You-Can" (I think 200+ Php), and there is Check-A-Bowl (only 125 Php) for those who could not eat so much like us. What you do is mix in whatever you like with your rice - chicken meat, pork bits, seafoods, noodles, veggies... And you can choose whether you like it sweet or spicy sweet. Waiting time is tolerable unless the restaurant is full. Food is served piping hot. Very satisfactory if I may say. Good value for the money.

Place your order in that counter there

The place filling up...

The extension tables and chairs outside

Slowly filling up too... place is kid friendly too

View from where we were sitting... through glass walls

My sister waiting for our food...

An amusing thought? or just plain daydreaming...
Almost getting bored. When will our food arrive...


It was not our last visit.  We went back there again. However, the only downside of Kublai Khan is that - while you may have a choice of what are to be mixed with your rice, there are no other dishes to choose from. But if you are okay with that, then it is not a problem.

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