Thursday, May 24, 2007

Here Comes The Rain...

End of summer?

I've seen it coming... for the last few days there were... Soft rains in the afternoon...early morning drizzle...morning mists...wet grasses and wet leaves in the early mornings...

But because the mornings would still turn hot and sunny, I haven't officially declared that summer has already ended. And besides the month of May is not over yet...
But today, the skies are dark and cloudy. And a continuous rain has fallen...Maybe gotta accept, the rainy season has definitely arrived!

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Sari-Sari Store

We go to a sari-sari store for just about everything! Shampoo, soap, rice, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil, cigarettes, soft drinks, biscuits, sardines, ready-to-cook noodles, and probably a thousand other things (would you believe even a Biogesic!). Taken from the word "sari-sari" which literally means, assorted. It is a miniature supermarket, has almost everything that a supermarket sells, but the only difference is – everything is sold a piece. We can buy a sachet of shampoo, a bar of soap, and if we ran out of cooking oil, vinegar, or soy sauce, they are re-packed and sold in smaller volumes.

We (as a culture) have totally embraced the concept of the little store, that it would be unthinkable not to have a sari-sari store in the community! Aside from being the source of just about everything, a sari-sari store in the community is also the information hub of the baranggay and landmarks for directions. Anybody who would like to find somebody or an address could always enlist the help of the tindera or storekeeper.

There is however a little catch… the little sari-sari store can horrifyingly replicate itself, much faster than a blink of an eye, and can not be stopped.

This road is just a few meters long however at the end of it is...

Lo and behold! Another sari-sari store...

Actually I have already lost count of the sari-sari stores sprouting in our area... Nobody seems to mind anyway.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day, Shirley!

Words are not enough...Cheers! We love you...

We pray to see you up and about soon...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time Warped?

Feels like being transported back in time...

Balay Nga Tisa  Carcar, Cebu

Are we back in the Spanish era?

Argao, Cebu

But what is that black thing below?

St. Michael Archangel Parish  Argao, Cebu

My goodness! It's a Karaoke occupying the center stage of the altar...

St. Michael Archangel Parish  Argao,Cebu

Inspite of the seeming antiquity of the place, a modern thing stuck out like a sore thumb and held court!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Pulpit

Behind the beautifully handcarved chair, as we can see, is the pulpit. It is now rare for a church to have this kind of pulpit, and the fact that it is still beautifully preserved, deserves some credit. I think the only remaining pulpits can be found in old churches in far flung towns.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

December - May Affair?

Whether they went blooming last December... or whether they have just bloomed this hot summer month of May... doesn't matter. What matters is - they look beautiful!

I love orchids, but for me, they are vain little creatures. I have tried to pamper the few that I bought. Shower them love and care, but alas they would rather sulk and wilt. Now these flowers that you see here are not mine. One belongs to my mother's loving care, while the others basked under my Auntie's attentions. Because I haven't found success on these spoilt creatures, I have turned my attention on colorful wild perennials who are just too happy to be watered. My reward? I get fresh new blooms every morning. Unfortunately they would not last the whole day... I guess I became sentimental on flowers because May is our month of flowers.