Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fiesta Sa Compostela Cebu

It is May and we are going to Compostela in Cebu to attend a town fiesta!
We are here now. Do not be mislead by the absence of the people on the roads...

Chances are most of them are busy with their food preparations. A fiesta is not complete without the honored presence of the “inasal” (called lechon in Manila and Luzon). The poor pig probably never knew his fate (as he was being fattened up) that he would end up on the dining table. At least he was not alone in dying for the glory of the fiesta, because the poor chickens suffered the same fate too…

But first we have to attend the mass…The “banda” and the “carosa” were patiently waiting outside for the procession that will follow after the mass. Take note that “banderitas”are always present during fiestas or any town activities.

The procession…

If only the pig and the chickens could see the faces of the guests, they would probably sigh and say “at least we have not died in vain…our lives for your happiness”.

And this is everybody’s favorite part (including mine of course!) – eating time! Yeheey!

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