Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunburst Fried Chicken (Ayala Center Cebu)

An hour after attending mass, we were at Sunburst Fried Chicken in Ayala Center Cebu. When I was way much younger, Sunburst was already a favorite among Cebuanos. Along with other restaurants like Snow Sheen, Manila Restaurant, Manila Times, and Majestic. If there were some I haven't mentioned, I'm sorry - it's either I truly forgot or never knew them at all. My parents were not really big fans of eating out.

Sunburst location  is really nice. On the second level, and walking distance from Starbucks. Near also to the taxi bay area...

I thought, wow! are these people the usual number of customers flocking Sunburst? Turned out, there was a birthday party, and they were guests.

Entrance of Sunburst


Another view of the interior

I am just sorry we have no pictures because, I couldn't wait anymore. Just gotta eat. I can observe that Sunburst still has a lot of customers. Sometimes, people even wait to be seated. Their fried chicken are still a smashing hit, and they are not expensive. Sometimes service is a bit slow when there are a lot of people. But people didn't mind it. However I just wish they would improve on their facilities. A little refurbishing on their furniture, some new lighting, and maybe some fresh new paint will make the place more exciting! 

Inside Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu is actually just a small mall. It is made up of 3 Paseos and a new wing. There are more expensive stores than cheap ones. You will wonder, what's the use being in a mall where we couldn't do a decent shopping?

Not true. I can actually find cheap thrills, but that is not the reason why I love this mall. I love it for its design. It has a huge garden and 2 fountains, and it kept the trees which grew in the place long before Ayala Center was built. It also makes use of natural light, and most of all, it is able to keep the sound reverberation (when there are a lot of people or activity in the center) minimal so it will not be hurting to the ears. I am not sure if I am the only one who observes this. But it does not matter if I am alone or not in this observation. What makes me comfortable is what matters.

And even though I may not be able to do a lot of shopping, it has  a lot of restaurants to choose from. And it is a good venue to meet up for dining.

Paseo Verde

Paseo Marina
The area below the first escalator is the Activity Center (Ground Floor), where promotions or shows are held...

The mall has only 4 levels

There is a play center at the basement for kids, to keep them amused while waiting for mom, when she is not done shopping yet ...




National Bookstore

Blue Magic

After going around, I still haven't covered everything. But our feet are already hurting.  So we went to Rustan's Super Market, bought some bread,fruits, and a liter of Magnolia Ice Cream. And that ends our Sunday activities ... Just happy to share pictures with you all!

A Typical Sunday (Our Lady of Fatima Parish)

What is a typical Sunday for Cebuanos? Well it depends. For most of us, we go to church first, then we go to wherever we wish to go or do whatever we wish to do. Some dine out, others go to resorts, some watch movies, and a number goes shopping...

What did we do? Me and my sister went to church first, eat out on a budget in Ayala, and went window shopping until our feet tired us out.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church, Basak, Mandaue

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Hotel Henry

In an industry (hotel) where there are standards, and it is almost a sin to be different - one tried to be different...
I am talking about The Henry Hotel It is smack right beside Qube Gallery (that's why I noticed it, didn't actually know of it before).  It tries to be hip, unconventional, and non-conformist. Not your usual type of hotel or accommodation. More artsy bitsy.

And if you are one who goes for the unconventional or who just want something different, then perhaps you might find this place interesting.

Front Desk


Lounge Chairs at the Lobby

Their Rooms...

Dining Room 1
 More Rooms...

The only conventional area - Dining

Photo Credits: The Henry Hotel

A Cebu Artist - Sio Montera

Just in case people are wondering if our lives are merely focused on food trips or on the appreciation of food and nothing else, we kind of beg to disagree (hahaha...). We tried to wander into some art trips too.

A few months ago, we were invited to an Art Exhibit by a dear distant cousin, a prominent Cebu artist, Sio Montera. He is not only an accomplished artist, he also works for the promotion of local artists (Bisaya artists) in the National scene as Vice Head, Committee on Visual Arts at National Commission for Culture and the Arts. To promote oneself as an artist is hard enough, but to support fellow artists as well, is quite commendable!

In the past, I think Manila artists have some kind of edge in terms of exposure compared to artists from Visayas and Mindanao because they have more galleries or Art Patrons. But I think it is slowly changing now. With greater awareness and more galleries, and more young moneyed professionals appreciating arts -  artists from Visayas and Mindanao have now more available venues and market for their work. And that's great! 

The art exhibit was held in Qube Gallery in One Paseo, Ma Luisa Road, Banilad Cebu right beside Hotel Henry.

The Artist - Sio Montera