Thursday, November 27, 2014

One Sunday at Insular Square North Road Mandaue

Last November 23, after mass we trooped to Insular Square to dig out our very last money from the ATM, and planned to go home and curled up and watch TV. There was no budget for gallivanting. Unknowingly there were small surprises in store for us...

Insular Square is a decent mini-mall which is approximately about 10 minutes from our place. It is already populated but I guess it still needs to flex a lot of muscles to invite more interesting locators. It is in a good location and has a parking area, but for those who don't have cars, it is difficult to get a taxi - a problem if we buy a lot of groceries from Save and More.

Front Facade of Insular Square

The Signages are quite obvious from the road, you won't miss it when you pass by

There are only 2 levels, and this is the second level

View of Ground Level from Second Floor

Parking Area

Our favorite Mooon Cafe

Beauty Parlor and Store for the Doggies

I love this branch of  Rose Pharmacy because there are fewer customers and waiting time for orders is not too long...

We decided to have our lunch at Jonies, because we were hungry and in need of a quick bite. Food was okay and a bit cheaper compared to other restos around... which is just great!

Because we were happy that our lunch was affordable and within budget, we ventured around and went upstairs to the second level. There were 2 beauty salons but Franzy offered haircut at 50 Pesos. Really? 100 Pesos for both of us?Hmmm.. even an additional tip is still within budget.

The salon from the outside

Lovely Chandeliers

Franzy is ostentatious in its overwhelming decor. But heck, I'd willingly pay 50 pesos to sit infront of those ornate mirrors and be treated like a queen.  

Gilded Mirrors and bright red paint

Kit having her hair cut by a sweet stylist

She got sleepy...hahaha

Our day did not end at Franzy Beauty Salon, we went down and had a back and arm massage for 30 minutes by the Blinds for only 75 pesos each... It's not the Spa of course, but we wanted to give huge support to the Blind Masseurs, in our small way.

Went afterwards to Save and More for some fruits and veggies... and decided to call it a day!

The roads were surprisingly empty... But of course, because Manny Pacquiao's fight will be shown on the TV that day! That's why.

When we got home we were able to catch Manny's fight with Algeri on Ch 7, and surprisingly for me - He won! I was actually expecting him to lose this fight, but Manny can be quite unpredictable. 

That Sunday was full of small and happy surprises for us...

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