Thursday, August 27, 2015

Burger King - Ayala Center Cebu

Kit and I have a new favorite burger resto - it's Burger King! And judging from their full-packed house, I guess we are not the only newly converts.  Burger King in Ayala Center Cebu is located near the cinemas and the rooftop gardens. After our lunch, we walked about in the gardens because our tummies were quite full.  It was a beautiful day...

Planet Grapes Cebu

Last Aug 22, Kit gave me a dinner treat at Planet  to celebrate my special day. We had our dinner at Planet Grapes in Ayala Center.  Actually the dinner was nothing fancy, but we added a little wine to make it different from our usual fare. Having wine with meals is - we realized , an acquired taste.  We have been so used to parties where sodas like Coke and Pepsi complement the served food.  We laughed and fought the urge to ask for Coke.  Thanks, Kit!

The Birthday Girl

Monday, August 03, 2015

City Time Square - Mandaue

Another addition to the burgeoning food scene in Cebu is the City Time Square in Mandaue.  I also used to wonder where this place is because it is somewhat new, only to find out it is just behind Park Mall.  If you have left Cebu or Mandaue for quite some time already, this is the Reclamation Area in Mandaue, that is now the host of a lot of ongoing building construction.  In a few years time, gone will be the empty and vacant lots, and it will be the  home of several new hospitals and perhaps malls and office buildings. 

City Time Square is a 2-level building which hosts a number of dining establishments. Since Park Mall is near , people now have more choices when it somes to dining preferences.

Name Marker in Front of the Building

Quite Visible from the Street

Connecting Bridge to Provide a Short Cut

Parking Spaces are provided

Right side if looking from the street

Left Side if looking from the street

View from the second floor

Stairs to the second level, there is also an elevator

Park Mall is actually just across the street

Small at only 2 levels

Achimisul - A Taste of Korean in Mandaue

With all the hyped-up interest in Korean telenovelas, music, and entertainers - plus the fact that there are now a lot of Koreans in Cebu, it is just natural that a few Korean entrepreneurs would put up some business here. 

It was a nice surprise when a Korean restaurant opened in Insular Square in North Road Mandaue beside Siknoy a Chinese restaurant. The ambiance is simple, modern, but nice.  Aside from the Korean food which we curiously tried, there seems to be a hint of Japanese with the presence of Ramen and Bento boxes.  Our palate is still getting used to the newly acquired taste. So our level of enjoyment is still in the infancy stage.

Most people still prefer to go to Jonie's or Siknoy's. But I wish Achimisul will not give up but instead will try to give a good fight and eventually survive...

Entrance to Achimisul


The Nice Korean Owner

Interior of the Restaurant

Nice Table and Chairs

Spicy Ramen

My Chicken Bento

My teacup, Chopsticks, and the reliable Spoon

My Korean Dish

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Tokyo Table In City Time Square Mandaue

For sometime I have been meaning to try Tokyo Table, but it was only last July that I got to do it.  And so with much anticipation, we visited it one beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I thought we could make it by lunch but it was already around 1:30 pm when we arrived and it turned out that Tokyo Table will be closing at 2:00 pm. I should have turned around but we were already at their door and were quite famished already, so we decided to stay.

The Good:

It's true, there is indeed a wide array of choices from Filipino and Chinese favorites, Japanese favorites, and perhaps some Korean... There is a Salad Bar, and the desserts are the best! You can go back over and and over again until you are fully stuffed and couldn't find space in your tummy. Even the softdrinks are unlimited! What can beat that!

The Not-So-Good:

It's a bit expensive at Php 840 per person.  Come early for lunch so you will be able to enjoy your meal (Lunch is between 11:30 am- 2:00 pm).  It's not exactly as super delicious as I have imagined. But don't mind me, perhaps I expected too much.

Nevertheless, me and my sis still found the steep prices worth it in terms of the variety of food available...


Entrance to the Dining Area

Interior of the restaurant

Ingredients  for Grilling

Salad Bar

Japanese Section

More of the Japanese Section

Soup and Rice Section

Decor Above the Buffet Table

All Time Filipino Favorites Section

A Wide Array Of  Dessert Choices

Grilling at our Table