Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cinema 5 - Ayala Center Cebu

I think it has been years since we last watch a movie in a cinema theater. The DVD player and home theater is giving the movie cinemas a very good competition. But passing the Ayala cinemas on some Sundays from the chapel, my sister and I became curious on the new trends and developments that went about while we were not looking...

True enough, there is a new movie theater in Ayala Center, the Cinema 5. Last Sunday, finally we decided to try and watch the Interstellar in the latest and newest theater addition.

Bought tickets in a central station
The queue is carefully being monitored by a guard
Buying tickets is fast and easy
Food is available nearby
Cinema 5 is located in the newly added wing near Fudge Restaurant
That's the entrance to the cinema, another guard on watch
We are going in...

Sorry, we were not able to take photos inside, but let me describe the place... Because it is new, it is very clean. It is carpeted. Seats are designed like stairs so that no head block one's view. The new seats are bigger and comes with a head rest. There is a bigger allowance between seats, so that legs can be comfortably stretched. The airconditioning is very cold. And the sound system is great! Everybody is seated, and I noticed nobody comes in the middle of the show. That's good! We should be encouraged to watch a movie from the beginning. When we went out, there was a long line of people waiting to go inside. That should be the way to go. No pushing, no shoving... Overall my sister and I enjoyed our movie that Sunday afternoon.

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