Monday, October 13, 2014

European Films Festival in Ayala Cinema 2

Last Sunday (October 12, 2014) while a lot of people were busy buying tickets to the cinemas we discovered as we passed by, that Ayala Cebu Cinema 2 was showing films from different countries from Europe and for FREE! Wowowoo... we didn't know that. 

Not wanting to miss it (it was the last day already of the film showing), we rushed to the girl here below and inquired. She confirmed, yes it's for free, and we were given tickets and ushered in. 

We were just in time because the next film (from Spain, El Linnce Perrido or The Missing Lynx) was about to be shown. Language was no problem, there were English subtitles provided.

It was an animation, but the crowd watching it thoroughly enjoyed it. We did too! It was a feel good movie...

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