Friday, October 24, 2014

Juan Guido Lubanga Exhibit in Ayala Center Cebu

One time we noticed that there were sculptures or artworks scattered all over the gardens of Ayala Center Cebu. My sister has this thing about exhibits and lets her curiousity get hold of her. She went to further investigate what these pieces are...

"With the mall as its canvas, contemporary art makes a mark and engages shoppers in Cebu. Ongoing until Dec. 15, Art Park exhibits the stonecast sculptures and installations of Juan Guido Lubanga, one of Cebu’s brilliant artists, around the parks of Ayala Center Cebu.

Launched first in 2009 in Greenbelt Makati, Art Park collaborates with notable artists to transform Ayala Malls’ spaces into one magnificent canvas and fluid gallery where art can best be experienced up close. It aims to let people appreciate the wonders of art in an informal and unrestrained setting." - Art in our Midst (Cebu Daily News 8.26.2014)

Installed at the fountain area of the new expansion wing roof deck, “The Giant’s Feet,” as regarded by most spectators, is a piece designed to mirror the Christian scripture of Jesus walking on water, also an allusion of faith and tranquility amidst ordeals. 

An interpretation of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s timeless bronze sculpture, “Le Penseur,” Lubanga’s “Thinker” embodies the significance of knowledge and philosophy in a sleek design.

I wholeheartedly agree that it is about time that we, ordinary folks - should be introduced to the appreciation of arts. Malls should not only be a cool place to hide from the heat of the sun, to go shopping or eating, to watch movies... but a place for entertainment and learning as well...

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