Monday, August 03, 2015

City Time Square - Mandaue

Another addition to the burgeoning food scene in Cebu is the City Time Square in Mandaue.  I also used to wonder where this place is because it is somewhat new, only to find out it is just behind Park Mall.  If you have left Cebu or Mandaue for quite some time already, this is the Reclamation Area in Mandaue, that is now the host of a lot of ongoing building construction.  In a few years time, gone will be the empty and vacant lots, and it will be the  home of several new hospitals and perhaps malls and office buildings. 

City Time Square is a 2-level building which hosts a number of dining establishments. Since Park Mall is near , people now have more choices when it somes to dining preferences.

Name Marker in Front of the Building

Quite Visible from the Street

Connecting Bridge to Provide a Short Cut

Parking Spaces are provided

Right side if looking from the street

Left Side if looking from the street

View from the second floor

Stairs to the second level, there is also an elevator

Park Mall is actually just across the street

Small at only 2 levels

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