Monday, February 09, 2015

The Year That Was 2014

Compared to 2012 and 2013,  the year 2014 was way much better - because I didn't have to contend with the pain of losing some beloved members of the family. Thank God! nobody close to me died that year...

The highlights:

1.  A wish came true when Kit and I were able to spend a day in Alegre Beach Resort last March. The place was truly dreamy. It did not disappoint...

2.  For the first time in years, I together with my sister got to travel again.  And this time we got to travel to Davao. It was my long time wish to see Davao, and it came true when I got invited to visit our Davao office and meet the team for the first time.

3.  I got to visit Bohol again. The first time I visited Bohol was with Tita Dorie and the Credit Card team back in the late 1990's, which was centuries ago... My sister and I got to tour the old churches which were destroyed during the 2013 earthquake.  We also had a wonderful stay at Amarela Resort.

4.  Kit (my sister) got her wish to join a government agency. 

5.  Before Kit got her wish, we had a lot of food trips around Cebu City. And because of this, I got back into blogging again and went on to become a finalist for Best Cebu Blogs.

Of course, I didn't win, much to my disappointment. Kit teased me that I actually got what I wished for because I originally said "I would be happy just becoming a finalist!". Which became true. I don't think I will try to join again this year. I am happy already as it is.  What I really want to do now is to have new directions for my blog...

Anyway, here's to the new year 2015. I wish you will be as eventful as 2014 in a more positive way... And I wish there will be more travel destinations to conquer!

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