Tuesday, September 09, 2014

1730 Jesuit House

Destination No. 3:  1730 Jesuit House

Because it was already running late in the afternoon, and it will be getting dark soon, we hurried to our last stop - the Jesuit House.  It could be overlooked because it lies unobtrusive within a warehouse.  There is an entrance fee of 50Php per adult.

Our first stop were the rooms of memorabilia.  It was dark inside and there was an old musty smell that pervaded the rooms,  giving credence to its antiquity. 

Diorama of the old Pari-an

Exhibits of old photographs depicting historical events

I think this is a miniature replica of an old Chinese trading ship

A miniature replica of an old Spanish galleon

Upstairs was where the previous owners lived. Actually there is nothing much to see anymore. It is basically bare. I was not quite impressed, except for the fact about its age. The house has an interesting history as it changed hands with different owners.  According to our guide, the present owner is mulling on some restoration projects, probably since the house has attracted a lot of visitors.  I hope this will be fulfilled.  It is sad to see a historical piece pass into oblivion...

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