Saturday, October 09, 2010


Nanay loved to putter around plants. I used to complain that we have too many plants to take care of. But she wouldn't listen. And the plants flourished under her loving care. When she suffered a stroke and could no longer take care of her plants, it was not surprising that her plants withered away and died.

Now I missed her puttering around her little garden. I would have given anything to see her move around again and do her favorite activities. I wouldn't care if we would be swamped with plants, as long as it makes her happy I would be happy too...

So after some consideration, I decided to try and re-plant somethings. I wanted her to see flowers when we let her out in the porch for a little sunshine. It was not easy, the plants did not cooperate at first. But thankfully, the rains did.

And one day, when I looked outside - I can see the flowers blooming... and the leaves were greening... it was not much, but for me it was the prettiest sight to behold.

I saw a rebirth.

In many ways my blog suffered the same fate. For sometime, it withered... and died a little. But there is always the chance of re-birth. At this point, it might need a lot of effort - but I will try my best to give it life once again...

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