Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu! The Sky Walk Extreme

For those who do not want to take the thrill ride, Crown Regency has also launched the Sky Walk Extreme, which allows one to walk the outer rim of the hotel tower on four-foot wide walk path with no hand rails. The walk path is found on the 37th floor of the hotel tower.

There is no reason however to fear since, each walker will be hooked on an overhead safety harness system, the same one used in James Bond movie stunts. Trained mountaineering and rescue teams will be there to assist the walkers in order to ensure their safety. The Skywalker can accommodate ten people.Aside of course from the tingling effect experienced from sitting on the ledge, the same effect can be felt when walking on the glass walkway, because it surely feels like walking in the sky!

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JeaneBee said...

Wow! there is absolutely no way I would have anything to do with the SKYEXPERIENCE ADVENTURE!!! I get the chills just looking at the photos...I'm not exactly scared of heights, but this is beyond belief!

You have a great blog and I enjoy stopping by.