Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some of Cebu's Old Buildings

I have this fascination for old buildings... Mute witnesses to long gone era. Some of the times and events they may have witnessed were good, while some are best forgotten (like war)... I have often wished our local government would exert super-extra efforts to preserve historical and even non-historical old buildings and encourage our youth to cherish them, otherwise they may just fade into oblivion... Which is sad because they don't make these kind of buildings anymore. Just look at the intricate facade and columns...Most of our buildings right now are made of steel and glass. Also beautiful but just in a different way.

Here are some of the old buildings which are still in existence, still being used, and thankfully preserved!

Cebu Provincial Capitol

Cebu Normal University
Rizal Memorial Library & Museum
University of San Carlos

Prudential Bank

Bank of The Philippine Islands

Note: Thanks to Heritage of Cebu and Heritage Conservation Society for promoting awareness and information about our treasures. Hopefully there will be more support for your efforts!

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