Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cebu's Old Buildings (Part2)

Here is the second part of our series on Cebu's old buildings... In the first part, we looked at historical buildings which are still being used and thankfully well-preserved. In this part we would lament over those old buildings which were not fortunate enough to survive...

I do not know which fate is much worse - being in ruins or end up looking like these below! This is a circa 1920 building. I just wish the signages were less blatant.

This is one sight which really breaks my heart. If I could, I would strip off all the signages, take off the facade and transfer it in some other place where it can better be appreciated. I think there is no other facade like this in existence in Cebu and it deserves a better respect.

Credits: Cebu Heritage

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sukku said...

I hope they keep preserving these buildings and not tear them down for commercial purposes.