Saturday, April 26, 2008

We All Love To Pose!

It seems most of us Filipinos love to pose (for the camera)! Why? Beats me. The feeling transcend beyond regional differences (whether Tagalog, Bisaya, or taga-Mindanao), age groups, and gender.

Example - this group of cute golden girls went malling and from the looks in their faces, they enjoy having their pictures taken...

Even the kids frolicking in the streets took some time out from their play, just to pose for the camera!

Young college students are probably the greatest fans of the camera... wouldn't want to miss any photo session!

Even cute sexy working girls are not spared from the camera bug!

Look at the guys...they come prepared with their smiles too!


Aux Zero said...

you said it.
all the people I know pretty much loves the camera, pero may iba na di rin naman gusto ng camera. hehe

Cielo said...

hi sis, interesting site uve got here, it gives us a hindsight of cebu.

Nice work sis

ive already added u up in my roll, hope u can do the same with my blog.

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, great blog! thanks for visiting mine and sure i'd love to ex-link with you..please let me know when you're done so that i can link you up, too!