Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Abstracts Of Sio (Part II)

A look at Cebu's art scene...

Mga Taghoy Sa Hangin

Sugilanon Ni Paeng
Mga Pasi-aw Ni Dodong
Mga Kagahapon Ni Francisco
Landong Ug Kainit

Artist: Sio Montera
Series: April 2008

"As in all of Sio Montera’s abstractions, his collections are highly artistic configurations of paint masses, expressive force of texture, and color modulations characterized by a careful balance between spontaneous gesture and continual control. The artist now has left the idea to preconceive particular meanings and has regarded the process of painting as an intense,unpremeditated search for the images of his creative experiences..."

The artist is a favorite of mine because not only is he a cousin by some degrees, I am a big fan of his works...